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I'm Marina, and Let's get you hired!

I'm Marina, and Let's get you hired!

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Create a Winning Resume Today

Our resume templates are designed by a professional resume writer and a brand designer to help job seekers create a standout resume effortlessly. Pass the computer based screening with these ATS Friendly Resume Templates.

  • Job-Winning Results

    Our templates have a proven track record of helping job seekers land interviews and job offers, so you can feel confident in your job search.

  • Time-Saving

    Pre-designed with a professional and modern look, which saves you the time and effort of creating a resume layout from scratch.

  • Easily Write Your Resume

    Every resume template includes resume writing guide throughout the template for you to know what content you should be putting on every section of your new resume

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Bundle Comparison

Try our 1 page resume template to get started, no surprise fee

When to use 1 page resume or 2 or 3 pages resume

Choose a 1-page resume for entry-level or creative roles with less than 3 relevant job experiences and 2-3 pages for experienced or executive positions, showcasing more than 3 relevant experiences and achievements

Your winning Resume is ready in 4 easy steps

Elevate your job search with our easy-to-edit resume templates! Our templates are designed to help you create a standout resume that reflects your unique skills and experiences.

Better than Resume Builders..

Customer love our Resume Templates - We Originally from Etsy

Our customer from Etsy love our resume templates and we are happy to provide our job winning resume template to help you land your next big job.

Craft a winning resume and cover letter

  • Resume Writing Guide
  • Cover Letter Writing Guide
  • Professionally Written
  • 20+ Pages
  • Action Verbs in every industry
  • original price: $19.95
  • This ebook is included in every resume bundle

We got you, so this bundle has all of this for you..

We are proud to offer you a comprehensive and versatile job search package that includes a range of professionally designed templates and resources to help you create a standout resume, cover letter, and reference sheet. Our package includes both Google Docs and Microsoft Word files, as well as US letter or A4 size options for your convenience.

★ Google Docs Files
★ Microsoft Word files
★ US letter or A4 Sizes File
★ 1 Page Resume Template version
★ 2 Page Resume Template version
★ 3 Page Resume Template version
★ Cover letter Template
★ References Sheet Template
★ 3 Bonus Resume Templates
★ Planners for your Job Search
★ Interview Cheatsheets
★ " How to " Guide Manual for you to edit your Resume Template
★ " 100 INTERVIEW TIPS " ebook
★ Customer Service Support!


With our 1-page and 2-page resume templates, you can showcase your skills and experience in a clear and concise way that will impress any potential employer. Our cover letter template and reference sheet template are designed to complement your resume and help you stand out from other candidates.

In addition to these essential resources, we also offer three bonus resume templates, as well as planners for your job search and interview cheatsheets to help you prepare for the big day. Our "How to" guide manual makes it easy for you to edit your resume template to suit your needs, while our "100 Interview Tips" ebook and "Guide to Ace Any Job Interview" ebook provide invaluable advice on how to succeed in any job interview.


Frequently Ask Questions

Can I include a photo or headshot on my resume template?

Including a photo or headshot on a resume is generally not recommended in the US, as it can lead to bias in the hiring process. However, in some countries and industries, it may be more common or even expected.

Are there free resume templates available?

Yes, there are many free resume templates available, as well as paid options with more advanced bundle and professional guides.

What are the benefits of using a resume template?

Using a resume template can save you time and effort, ensure consistency and professionalism, and provide a clear and easy-to-read format for recruiters and hiring managers.

Are resume templates ATS-friendly?

Some resume templates are designed to be ATS-friendly, meaning they are optimized for applicant tracking systems used by many companies to scan resumes. Note that Applicant Tracking Software can be inconsistent and your not "ATS-Friendly Resume" Can still pass the ATS with proper keywords.

Where can I get my downloads?

After purchase/sign up your downloads should be automatically send to your provided email.

How many times should I update my resume?

You should update your resume every 6 months to every year. Keep in mind that job searching is evolving and your resume should always be up to date.