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Customer love our Resume Templates - We Originally from Etsy

Our customers from Etsy love our resume templates and help them get their DREAM JOB. We are happy to provide our job winning resume template to help you land your next big job.


  • Lucinda


    "I'm a Certified Professional Resume Writer and a Career Coach and have used templates from Etsy before and this is the best one so far and it works with my Google Chromebook perfect!"

  • Michelle


    "This is a beautiful template. I actually got an interview request just days after submitting my resume for the first time and while I like to think my qualifications made that happen, I’m pretty sure the impressive look of this template helped!"

  • Kiana


    "Beautiful resume template. Fairly easy to use. Gorgeous aesthetic! Definitely worth the purchase if you’re looking for a stand out resume. Much better than the basic templates that come with Pages or Microsoft Word. Thank you!"

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Not only just a resume template.

  1. Resume writing guide all over the templates
  2. Multiple formats
  3. Customizable designs
  4. Professional layouts
  5. Relevant sections
  6. Easy-to-use interface
  7. Pre-filled content
  8. Flexible structures
  9. ATS-friendly formatting
  10. and many more!
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Frequently Ask Questions

Can I include a photo or headshot on my resume template?

Including a photo or headshot on a resume is generally not recommended in the US, as it can lead to bias in the hiring process. However, in some countries and industries, it may be more common or even expected.

Are there free resume templates available?

Yes, there are many free resume templates available, as well as paid options with more advanced bundle and professional guides.

What are the benefits of using a resume template?

Using a resume template can save you time and effort, ensure consistency and professionalism, and provide a clear and easy-to-read format for recruiters and hiring managers.

Are resume templates ATS-friendly?

Some resume templates are designed to be ATS-friendly, meaning they are optimized for applicant tracking systems used by many companies to scan resumes.

If you have anymore questions. Please reach out.

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